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The Real Reasons We LOVE Dance Competitions

Our competition teams work hard, support each other, and accomplish some serious goals! This time of year is full of something amazing for them, competitions! If you have been wondering what the hype is and why we LOVE competitions, this blog post is for you!  READ MORE​​

How to ROCK your Audition

Auditions are part of every dancer's life at one point or another. They are used to assess a dancers technique, performance quality, and readiness for a specific role or level. Although they can be nerve wracking for some, we LOVE seeing our dancers audition. At Dance Endeavors we always promote a positive environment during our auditions and we see a HUGE boost of confidence as our dancers walk out the door.  

Our Winter Shows are right around the corner and that means it’s time for auditions!  READ MORE

The Benefits of Dance for Athletes

Our students at Dance Endeavors have a million activities outside the studio from Tee-ball to Tennis and Soccer to Ice Skating. For your little athletes, dance is the perfect complement to improve their sport performance. For kiddos looking for dance classes in Bloomington, Dance Endeavors will take your training to the next level. Moving your body to the sound of music has mental and physical benefits that are important for EVERYONE but especially athletes! READ MORE​​

Gift Guide for Dancers

It’s that time of the year when Christmas music fills the air, and the shopping frenzy begins. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, Dance Endeavors created the greatest gift guide for dancers to check off your shopping list this holiday season. No matter what beat your little drummer dances too, we found the perfect presents to put under the tree for your dancer. READ MORE​​

How to Prepare for Your Child's First Dance Class

A child’s first dance class is SUCH a special moment! Every year it gives us ALL the feels as we watch our brand new tiny dancers walk through our studio doors for the first time. For most staff members at Dance Endeavors, our first dance class was the start of a lifelong relationship with dance. We love watching our dance families make those same memories that we know you’ll cherish for a lifetime! READ MORE

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Dance

You’ve got a hunch that your little one has caught the dance bug and you’re wondering if you should make the commitment. You love watching them wiggle around the living room, but how do you know they’re ready? Where do you go to sign them up for classes? How do you prepare for dance? Dance Endeavors is here to ease your mind, prepare you for the process, and introduce you to the BEST toddler and preschool dance classes in Bloomington. READ MORE

Benefits of Dress Code

We often receive questions regarding the practicality of having a dress code in dance especially in Winter months. Many parents want to send their kiddos off to class in sweats and call it a day. At Dance Endeavors, we understand how difficult or challenging it can be to even find the time to drop your kiddo off at class each week. Our dress code isn’t meant to put more pressure or stress on parents. Instead, it’s to provide your child with the best dance education we can offer. READ MORE​​