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How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Dance

You’ve got a hunch that your little one has caught the dance bug and you’re wondering if you should make the commitment. You love watching them wiggle around the living room, but how do you know they’re ready? Where do you go to sign them up for classes? How do you prepare for dance? Dance Endeavors is here to ease your mind, prepare you for the process, and introduce you to the BEST toddler and preschool dance classes in Bloomington.

Like any sport, dance is a commitment both mentally, physically, and financially. Dance Endeavors is committed to providing excellent and inspiring training for your little one but we’re also here for you and your family. We’ve laid out helpful tips for you to know if your little wiggler is ready for dance class:

  • Monkey see, monkey do! We invite students as young as two years old to join our classes at Dance Endeavors. Some kiddos have a strong attention span and can listen to directions at a very young age. Help them test their “listening ears” with this fun dance video. Parents you’ll know in your gut if your child is ready for movement or a meltdown. Don’t worry - all kids develop at different rates!
  • Music in motion! Movement is intrinsic! Play different types of music and see how your little one responds to each. Are they tapping their foot, swaying those hips, jumping from couch to couch? You’ve got a mover! Let Dance Endeavors bring that creativity to life and instill confidence, coordination, and community through dance.
  • Confidence with a capital C. Being away from Mommy and Daddy can be scary but class time is dance time. Make sure your little one feels comfortable being away from you for a short while. First class is always the scariest but we promise we’ll have loads of fun with your little one. Nerves will dissipate for both you and your tiny dancer! 
  • Dip your toe in! Mentally and physically your child is ready to roll, but maybe you feel uneasy about making a long-term commitment. Dance Endeavors has two very exciting options to test the water. Free trial classes – Yes, we said FREE! Taking a trial class is a great way to get a feel for our program and make sure our classes are a great fit for your family. Book a free trial class today! We also offer Mini Sessions – Try dance for the first time or try a new style. Low stakes, short commitment, high probability of returning again and again. Parents we even have sessions for you! Check out what we have to offer.
  • Time to make a plan. Give you and your little one plenty of time to prepare for class. Go through a checklist: take a nap, have a snack, go potty, hair pulled back, dance attire and shoes on. You know best what your child needs to survive and thrive in class. Take some time to chat about class expectations and don’t let them forget their “listening ears!” Take a deeper dive into our blog Preparing for Your Child’s First Dance Class. (Don’t forget, trial classes and mini sessions are flexible - we do not require specific colors of dancewear or shoes)

Enrollment at Dance Endeavors is ongoing as space allows. We hope that you feel better prepared to dive into class, and would love to have your family join us. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or drop by for a visit. Together let’s get your kiddos moving! 

Check out our schedule online to register and join us for the BEST toddler dance classes in Bloomington!