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Who do I contact with questions related to dance?
Juli Mickelson (Owner/Lead Instructor), 952.212.4456 or email: 

Who do I contact with questions regarding my account?
Kelly Meyers (Office Manager), 952.237.9021 or email: 

Is there a listing of class descriptions?
HERE for a complete list of all classes offered by Dance Endeavors with descriptions.

Who are the teachers at Dance Endeavors?
Dance Endeavors offers high quality dance instruction by some of the most talented, creative, and fun instructions in the Twin Cities! Click 
HERE for bios on all of our instructors.

How do I register for classes?
Registration and payment is handled online through our Parent Portal. Click
HERE to register!

How do I pay for dance classes?
Payments are made electronically.  Tuition for the school year session is divided into 3 payments.  The first payment at registration, payment #2 December 1 and payment #3 March 1.  A $10 fee is assessed for a monthly payment option. Statements/reminders for additional charges are NOT sent. Students will not be allowed in class and costumes will not be distributed if payments are delinquent.

How do I know what is going on at the studio?
ALL communication is by email. It is your responsibility to let us know if your email address changes! An email newsletter is sent approximately once/month. Emails are more frequent during the winter show and spring recital months (January and May/June).  

What are the Winter Shows?
The winter show is held in late January and is a story dance to winter/Christmas music, similar to The Nutcracker but incorporating all styles of dance. Each age group will do one dance in the various styles. The winter show is much shorter than our spring shows, but has more of a true “theatre show” feel. The costumes are simple and most are purchased by the studio. This show gives the dancers another LARGE performing opportunity, creates a bond between the dancers, and improves their dance skills. There are several ‘roles’ in this production and dancers are chosen by the teachers. All are encouraged to participate! We work on the dances during regular dance classes, so all dancers will learn them regardless if they are participating in the performance.

What are the Spring Recitals?
The spring recitals are large performances showcasing what our dancers have learned throughout the year. You will find out which recitals your dancer will be in sometime in early spring. The spring recitals are optional, but all are encouraged to participate! Because costumes need to be ordered in early December we need to know by November 1st if your student will NOT be participating. Costume fees are also due by November 1st.  All students will learn the recital dances regardless if they are participating in the performance.

Are there additional fees for costumes?
Costumes are provided by the studio for the Winter Show. Students pay a fee to participate in the Winter Show, but do not keep the costumes. Dancers must decide by November 1st if they would like to participate in the optional Spring Recital.  Additional fees apply for spring recital costumes and students can keep them. Measurements are taken in class in November and costumes are ordered in December in order to receive them in the spring.  For costume purposes, tap and jazz taken on the same night with the same teacher is considered one class; ballet and pointe on the same night one class. All other classes are considered separate classes.  Additional pricing can be found HERE.

Are classes offered in the summer?
Yes. A 6-week session is offered in June & July. Summer dance is a great way to stay in shape, try a new dance discipline, or improve your dance skills! Registration for summer dance opens in March.

Are classes offered for adults?
We offer a combo tap and jazz class for adults! Performances are optional.

What should dancers wear for class?
Proper dancewear and shoes are required for class!  See the complete list of footwear and dancewear requirements 
HERE.  Make sure dance shoes are worn indoors ONLY to ensure proper care of our dance floors. Mix-ups are common - please label all shoes!!

Where do I buy shoes and dancewear?
The closest dance store is Step N Stretch in Burnsville.  Be sure to check
studio requirements before purchase as the store will NOT have this information.  If you prefer to order footwear or dancewear online please visit the 'What to Wear to Class' page.

Can I watch classes? Do I have to stay at the studio during class?
We have viewing windows for your convenience. Feel free to observe at any time. You are not required to stay, but if you do leave please pick up your child ON TIME! Students are not supervised outside of the 4 dance studios. Please do not drop off younger dancers (grade 5 and younger) more than 10 minutes before class. Students who are dropped off are responsible for getting to class on time. Also, make sure your child has used the restroom before class begins. Potty breaks are contagious!

Can I wait in my vehicle to pick up my dancer?
Please pull into a parking spot when dropping off or picking up your child. This is absolutely mandatory. We have received a number of complaints from the neighboring businesses. If additional complaints are brought to the city, we risk the revocation of our permit to operate. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

How do I know if classes are cancelled due to bad weather?
If classes are cancelled an email will be sent and notice will be posted on the home page of our website.If the weather is questionable you may also call the studio at 952-212-4456 no sooner than two hours before class begins for a message on class cancellations. NO CALLS WILL BE MADE SO PLEASE CHECK THESE SOURCES FOR INFORMATION.

Can I change to a different class?
You may change to a different class as long as there are openings in the new class.  Spring recital costumes for each class are different and are ordered in December. If a student changes classes after costumes have been ordered, a new costume will need to be ordered and rush shipping charges will apply. Email 
juli@danceendeavors.com to switch classes.

How do I drop a class?
Please email 
kelly@danceendeavors.com to drop a class.Paid costume fees and tuition are not refundable. Families are responsible for all charges until we receive a 30-day email notice that a student is dropping a class.

Can I make up a missed class?
Make-up lessons are allowed in the same age group or younger only. Make-ups must be taken within 2 weeks of missed class. You are encouraged to make-up with a different teacher if possible, so we can get to know everyone!

When are spring recital pictures taken?
Spring recital pictures are taken in April after all the costumes have arrived! Specific information will be posted at the studio and communicated via email. We do not hold classes on picture nights.

What is the Youth Performance Ensemble?
Dance Endeavors is pleased to offer Youth Performance Ensemble which takes classical ballet technique to the next level andcelebrates our outstanding ballet students. Placement auditions for the Youth Performance  Ensemble (ages 10-18) are held in the fall. Ensemble classes are led by Lindsey Mornson. Lindsey holds a B.A. in Dance and Sociology/Anthropology from St. Olaf College where she performed with Companydance. She has worked with local and national modern dance artists, Gabriel Anderson, Alexandra Beller, Karla Grotting, Heather Klopchin, and Kari Mosel as well as performed in two American College Dance Festivals. Lindsey also attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan in their Ballet Ensemble receiving instruction from professional dancers from around the Midwest. We will also bring in guest instructors throughout the program year.​

Does Dance Endeavors have a competition team?
Yes. Dancers are required to attend the June Dance Camp Intensive in order to audition! Students attend competition classes during the school year in additional to their dance disciplines. All dancers ages 5-18 are encouraged to audition! Competitions are usually held February - April. Additional fees do apply.

Are private lessons available?
Private Lessons are open to all students grades 4 and up to enhance their dance skills and receive individual attention. Check HERE for additional information.

Can we have a birthday party at Dance Endeavors?
Enjoy 2 hours of fun with a themed party! We provide the studio and an instructor. Click
HERE for more information.