10820 Nesbitt Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55437

2018-2019 Studio Calendar

Subject to change

June 26
Registration opens online for 2018-2019 school year 7:00pm
Aug 9 & 14
2018 Open House Events (6:00-8:00pm)
Sept 6
Sept 15
Bloomington Heritage Days parade 10:30am
Sept 17Fall MINI Session registration opens - 7:00pm
Oct. 1-6Fall MINI Session classes start
Oct. 8-13Bring a friend to dance week
Oct 17-20
Studio Closed - fall break
Oct. 24-30      Halloween week:  wear your costume to dance!
Oct 31Studio Closed - Happy Halloween!
Nov 1Spring recital costume payments charged
Nov 21-24
Studio Closed - Thanksgiving break
Nov 26 - Dec 1SPLITS week (earn a reward!)
Dec 1Tuition Payment #2  
Dec 7Winter Show Cast Auditions 4:30-6pm ALL, 6-6:30 Int/Adv Pointe (open to gr 6-12 ballet students)
Dec 11Winter MINI Session registration opens - 7:00pm
Dec 15
Winter Show Participation payments charged
Dec 24-Jan 6
Winter break - no regular classes
Jan 5Saturday Winter Show rehearsals begin
Jan 7-12Winter MINI Session classes begin
Jan 24-26
Studio closed - Winter Show & rehearsals
Jan 25
Winter Show dress rehearsal - Ives Auditorium at Masonic Heritage Ctr (time TBA)
Jan 26
Winter Shows - Ives Audtiorium at Masonic Heritage Ctr (performances TBA)
Feb 1Spring Recital fees charged
Feb 11-16Parent Participation week
Feb 18 & 19  
Studio closed - President's Day break
Feb 18Spring MINI Session registration opens 7:00pm
Feb 19SHOWCASE 2019 (DEIDP & YPE) 6:30pm (Ives Auditorium at Bloomington Masonic Home) 
March 1Tuition Payment #3
March 11Summer 2019 registration opens 7:00pm
March 11-16Spring MINI Session classes begin
March 25-30
Studio Closed - Bloomington spring break
April 15Picture night (at studio) PRESCHOOL - GRADE 5 - no regular classes  (tent)
April 16
Picture night (at studio) GRADES 6-ADULT - no regular classes (tent)
May 11
Last day of regular classes
May 16
Spring recital dress rehearsal at Benilde-St. Margaret's (tent)

May 17 & 18

Spring recitals at Benilde-St. Margaret's (tent)

May 21Info meetings for NEW 2019-2020 teams, 6:00pm DEIDP, 7:00pm YPE
June 17
Summer 2019 classes begin
June 21Last day to register for summer 2019 classes & camps
June 24Registration opens online for 2019-2020 school year 7:00pm