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How to ROCK your Audition

Auditions are part of every dancer's life at one point or another. They are used to assess a dancers technique, performance quality, and readiness for a specific role or level. Although they can be nerve wracking for some, we LOVE seeing our dancers audition. At Dance Endeavors we always promote a positive environment during our auditions and we see a HUGE boost of confidence as our dancers walk out the door.  

Our Winter Shows are right around the corner, (read all about our January 25th performance here) and that means it’s time for auditions! We are holding auditions on Sunday, December 8th for dancers in grades 6-12 (who are enrolled in at least 1 ballet class) who would like a special part in our winter show.  

We want to make sure every dancer gets a chance to ROCK their audition this year. So we have highlighted a few of our favorite tips to set them up for success. If your dancer is planning on auditioning this year, we encourage you to go through this blog post together so they can feel prepared and confident as they walk into their audition. 

Look The Part

When you look great, you FEEL great! Check the dress code (Dress code for Winter Show auditions: Black leotard,  pink tights, ballet/pointe shoes) a week or two before the audition to make sure you have everything you need clean and ready. Have your dancer pick out their favorite leotard or dance outfit (that fits with the dress code of course) so that they feel like their most confident self on the big day. 

On the day of auditions, your dancer should look performance ready. That means hair in a neat bun (secured with bobby pins, and hair spray!) for girls and out of the eyes for boys. If your dancer is older and normally wears makeup, keep it simple.  Remember that makeup should be able to withstand the sweat and hard work that comes with a dance class. 

Know The Details

A few weeks before an audition is the time to check the details. What time should you be there? What do you wear? What will dancers be doing during the audition? That way, if you have questions, you have more than enough time to reach out and get the answers you need to feel ready. 

For our winter show auditions here are all the details you need to know: 

  • The auditions will be Sunday, December 8th from 4:00-5:30pm for non-pointe dancers and 4:00-6:00pm for pointe dancers
  • Auditions are held at the studio
  • Dancers should arrive early to warm-up and be ready right at 4:00pm
  • Dress is black leotards, pink tights, and hair pulled back in neat bun

Arrive Early

If you’re early, you’re on time and if your on time you’re late. Dancers should arrive early so they have time to warm up before the audition starts at 4:00pm. Having warm muscles will ensure that your dancer is ready to dance their BEST when the audition starts. It will also let your dancer get settled and comfortable before the audition starts. There is nothing worse than arriving late when you are already nervous!

Stay Positive and Have Fun! 

Like we mentioned before, we do our best to make sure everyone has a positive experience at our auditions. Our staff works hard to make sure our students enjoy the process and have FUN! No matter the results, we want our students to feel proud of putting themselves out there and doing something hard! Trust us when we say, it is not easy to audition and your dancer should feel proud for showing up. 

Whether your student is auditioning for our winter show or has an audition lined up in the future, follow these tips and we know it will be stress free and fun! Remember, it takes a brave dancer to show up for an audition. You should be proud of your dancer no matter what the outcome. 

 We can’t wait to see our dancers at this year’s winter show auditions on Sunday, December 8th at 4:00pm!