2023 Summer Dance Classes

2023 Summer Session

 Summer dance is a perfect opportunity to stay in shape or to try something new!  We also offer a wide variety of classes for all ages, fun themed camps for our younger dancers, and intensive camps for our older dancers!

Registration for Summer 2023 is now open!

For additional information or if you have questions send us an email:  info@danceendeavors.com

Three Day Summer Camps 9:30-11am or 4:30-6:00pm

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday Age 3.5-8

5 camp options June 13-July 27

Prancing Pony Party: Saddle up your tiny pony and prance on over for this enchanted dancing adventure! Little princes and princesses will love collecting sparkling charms and pony patches on their journey through the magical world of Charmland. Packed with plenty of dancing pony power, cheerful charming crafts and fanciful friend-filled adventures, this camp is perfect for any dancer who loves My Little Pony, princesses/ princes and all things magical! 

Mermagical Mermaids and Shimmering Swans: Ballerinas will dance and leap across the lily pad lagoon as mermagical mermaids and shimmering swans in this sparkling summer camp! Dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement, as well as fun + fancy, imaginative activities and fin-tastic feathery crafts!

Fierce Fashionistas and Very Vogue VilliansA very vogue villain has stolen the latest drop of colorful clutches that the fierce fashionistas need for their debut runway show. Each day dancers must decode ransom notes to reveal clues and tackle creative challenges that harness their inner flair for fashion design (while developing their notoriously fashionable dancing skills, of course). This jazz and hip hop camp will be all the rage for dancing trendsetters, followers of fashion and all super fans of Cruella, Wednesday and other very vogue villains! It’s sure to be devastatingly chic!

Enchanted Confetti Casita: We may not talk about Bruno-no-no-no, but fans of Disney’s Encanto will be talking non-stop about this magical, fantastical camp! The enchanted tiles of the Casita’s Candescent Courtyard will guide dancers to unlock three glowing doorways that each reveal a dance challenge! Once completed, they’ll be granted entry into the Enchanted Confetti Casita to explore the world of dance where their vivid imaginations will brightly shine! This imaginative dance camp is sure to bring glowing reviews for all who experience it! 

Twirltopia Princess Academy: This is not your average princess camp! Cool Jewels Rule and the Royal Queen only grants the three sparkling crown jewels to princesses who prove they are confident, fun, friendly and kind-hearted! Your princess (or prince) will love this royal ballet and tap adventure through the magical kingdom of Twirltopia and the Palace Crown Ball! ​

Whirling Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm

Wednesdays Age 3.5-8

5 options June 14-July 26

Twirl-to-a-Tea Party: We’ll dress up in our festive finest and have some fancy tea, Oh, what fun our dancing TWIRL tea party will be! This elegant bash includes creative movement in every style of dance Tea parties are fun all year long! 

Confetti Cake Remix: Dance class is oh-so-sweet and full of sugary beats with Confetti Cake Remix! Dancers are in for a delicious treat with this high-energy dance party filled with all the ingredients you need for FUN! 

Lemonade Escapade: Ballet class is sweeter in our Lemonade Escapade! Dancers will be Zesty Ballerinas in this vibrant and engaging ballet camp! Make lemons into lemonade as we incorporate fun fruit to our ballet steps! Don't forget to wear yellow! 

Mermaids and Unicorns: Dance to the magic of mermaids and unicorns and everything fantastical! We will sing, dance, craft and create to express our inner powers! 

Music Box Dancer: Grab your pastel bows and vintage tutus… it’s time to transform ballerinas into music box dancers! We know your littlest ones will fall in love with these dreamy activities as they explore a world full of soft pink and fancy tulle!

Classes open for registration!  ​10820 Nesbitt Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55437