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Benefits of Dress Code

We often receive questions regarding the practicality of having a dress code in dance especially in Winter months. Many parents want to send their kiddos off to class in sweats and call it a day. At Dance Endeavors, we understand how difficult or challenging it can be to even find the time to drop your kiddo off at class each week. Our dress code isn’t meant to put more pressure or stress on parents. Instead, it’s to provide your child with the best dance education we can offer.

With your child’s dance education at heart, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why having a dress code in dance is important:

  • Dress for the job you want!
    Having a uniform allows your child to step into a mindset of routine and structure. Your little one will associate their class leotard with a certain standard of behavior. A dress code will also eliminate (or reduce the amount of) dressing battles with your kiddo. The expectation will be clear for what they’re required to wear.

    For older dancers, uniforms allow you to dress for the job you want or the part you want. Like any other profession, the clothes we wear can have a huge impact on our focus and drive. Allow your dancer to be inspired through our DE dress code.


  • Eliminate all distractions!
    Not only is a dress code beneficial for the dancer, it is also for the instructor teaching the class. Being able to see the body allows teachers to better correct form and technique without bulky clothes skewing lines of the body. A dress code helps your child progress faster as they will also be able to see their body moving through space without distractions. 

    With a dress code, no bullying or hierarchy around fashionably expensive attire can disrupt the learning or progression of your dancers. A dress code eliminates physical and mental distractions in the classroom.


  • From head to toe!
    Dress code is more than just the dance attire we require in class but also hair being pulled back and proper shoes for specific classes. Hair in the face or ill-fitting shoes can lead to bumps, bruises, and the inability to fully participate in class. Be sure hair is cleanly pulled back and shoes have been properly fitted and tied before class begins. Set your little one up for success and safety!


A dress code in dance is for the physical and mental comfort, safety, and progress of your child. We hope you see the value in our uniform and support our decision to eliminate all distractions that take away time and attention from training and technique. We firmly believe our dress code can inspire greatness in each of your dancers.

 Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and we can’t wait to see all our dancers dressed for success!