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The Real Reasons We LOVE Dance Competitions!

With Valentine’s Day this month, we are busy reflecting on all the reasons we love dance and our studio family at Dance Endeavors. Being in such a supportive environment every day makes us feel the warm and fuzzies all month long! 

One piece of that family is our competition teams. They work hard, support each other, and accomplish some serious goals! This time of year is full of something amazing for them, competitions! If you have been wondering what the hype is and why we LOVE competitions, this blog post is for you! 

“I believe that competitions have a lot to offer our dancers but why must we place so much importance on the win? Let’s try instead, to use the competition stage to continue to educate our dancers and prepare them for their futures. Trophies can be bought, but a lifetime spent in artistic pursuit is truly a gift” – Bill Waldinger, Joffrey Ballet School

Some people may think it is the trophies and awards that keep us coming back for more but at Dance Endeavors, we see dance competitions for what they really are. They are an amazing tool and experience to IMPROVE and CHALLENGE your dancer. Whether you’re considering joining our competition team in the future or are wanting to find ways to further your dance education, dance competitions have countless benefits.

We LOVE dance competitions and we’re here to share all the reasons your dancer will benefit from competing:

  • Competition builds character. Dance education builds healthy lifestyles, strong communities, and confident and creative individuals. Dance competitions take the stakes to the next level, challenging your dancer in an arena that has real-world growth opportunities. Learning how to gracefully accept rejection or criticism is an extremely important skill for school, work, and life. Life is full of competitions and a healthy awareness and understanding can help your child bounce back from life’s obstacles.

  • Competition is stage experience. Dancers have limited performing opportunities! We spend all year training, rehearsing, and perfecting routines for a short-lived performance experience with long-lasting benefits. More opportunities to perform on stage allows your dancer to master their nerves and build confidence in presenting themselves to audiences. Dance competitions add more performing opportunities which greatly improve their technique and performance skills. They’ll be ready to master any school or work presentation!

  • Competition brings inspiration. Dancers spend their lives in studios and can often become comfortable in their classes. Outside inspiration and motivation can be extremely beneficial to take their training to the next level. Hundreds of studios come together to compete and share their movement and creativity. Having the opportunity to watch other dancers is imperative to improving technique and performance. Being exposed to new ideas and ways of moving is essential for your dancer’s progress.

  • Competition means teamwork. Like most sports, dance competition teams are a great way to learn how to work within a team and hone communication skills. Our Dance Endeavors Intensive Dance Program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. DEIDP is available to all Dance Endeavors students ages 5-18 with the opportunity to compete in a variety of dance disciplines including ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, and more! Our DEIDP dancers make lifelong friendships while working hard and having a blast!

Learn more about DEIDP

We love dance competitions and how competing transforms our dancers into stronger athletes and courageous individuals. We see dance competitions as an opportunity for every dancer to challenge themselves to be the best dancer they can be.

We’ve just started our competition season and we hope you’ll join us in supporting our fearless dancers at an upcoming competition. See firsthand what a dance competition is all about! Go DE!