The Benefits of Dance for Athletes

Our students at Dance Endeavors have a million activities outside the studio from Tee-ball to Tennis and Soccer to Ice Skating. For your little athletes, dance is the perfect complement to improve their sport performance. For kiddos looking for dance classes in Bloomington, Dance Endeavors will take your training to the next level. Moving your body to the sound of music has mental and physical benefits that are important for EVERYONE but especially athletes!

Here are just a few of our favorite benefits:

1. Body Awareness and Coordination

Dance training studies movement patterns that require little ones to use their full body bringing awareness and focus unmatched in any other activity. Dance is essentially performing controlled actions smoothly and efficiently. This type of coordination and spatial awareness is extremely beneficial for athletes to apply to other sports for a competitive advantage.

2. Finding Your Flexibility

Dance emphasizes stretch to create long and lean muscles. Focusing on flexibility is extremely important for cross training in athletes participating in high-impact sports. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2013 that the 49ers and their emphasis on a stretching program allowed them to walk away with FAR fewer injuries compared to other NFL teams. Other teams not focused on stretching had injury rates as much as 176 percent higher! Eeeks!

3. Challenge Your Brain

In dance class, you’re constantly changing movements and recalling patterns. From across the floor exercises to learning weekly combinations at the end of class, this complex mental coordination has been proven to strengthen neuron connections. Dance is an excellent form of mental exercise!
4. Express Yourself

Movement is a form of communication and expression that allows children to release their feelings in a safe environment. Communication is key when learning to work together on a team in SPORTS and LIFE. This therapeutic form of expression is a positive outlet for your little ones to channel their feelings, grow as individuals, and discover how to work together.

The physical and mental benefits of dance are endless! Applying dance training and methodology to other activities will greatly improve sport performance and will aid in injury prevention. Keep your little ones healthy and give them a competitive edge with dance training at Dance Endeavors. Check out our class schedule to register today. Pop into one of our 6-week Mini Sessions to try a new class or style. Join us for a free trial! We will continue to accept enrollment in most classes as space allows. We'd love to welcome YOUR athlete to our studio!

Happy dancing, and see you in class!

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