Stay in DANCE Shape While You Are Home!

Being cooped up in the house can drive anyone a little bonkers! Boredom can lead to melting into our couches, binging ALL THE TV, and devouring ALL THE SNACKS. To prevent stress eating and bad habits, let’s keep our minds engaged and focused on our goals. 

Now more than ever, we need to remember why we dance and what dance can do for us! We may be stuck at home but we can still prepare our bodies for when we return to dance class. And oh what an amazing feeling that will be to reunite with all of you and dance together again! Just picturing us dancing together in class fills us with some much-needed joy!

Let’s carry these good vibes forward and turn them into productive tasks. We’re going to focus on how to stay in dance shape while at home. 

  • EXERCISE DAILY - It can be tempting to lounge around the house all day but inactive bodies can lead to serious injuries down the road. Maintain your strength with your daily dose of exercise and don’t forget the cardio. Have the goal to get your heart raised and your body warm every day!

    Have you visited our Virtual Classroom yet? You’ll find links to our classes and loads of helpful resources. Check out our last blog post where we compiled a list of virtual classes and activities for the whole family.

  • EAT HEALTHY AND STAY HYDRATED - With so much free time and an ample amount of stress, trips to the pantry feel comforting. Being stuck at home makes it easier to overeat and load up on junk food. With less exercise than usual, we’re actually burning fewer calories meaning we need to consume smaller portions.

    Next time you find yourself hovering in front of the fridge, grab a glass of water. Too bland for your taste? Get crazy and throw a lemon in there! Fill up your water bottle and keep it by your side at all times. Making healthy decisions now will keep you on track with your dance training. 

  • SET YOUR GOALS - Whether you have a journal or you keep notes on your phone, make a list every morning. Plan your day so that you’re not aimlessly wandering around the house and potentially making unhealthy decisions. Checking off tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you productive.

    Use this time to check in with your long term dance goals. Have you been wanting to get your center splits or nail your double turns on both sides? Create an action plan with a timetable to improve your skills and smash your goals!

  • GET CREATIVE - During this difficult time, let dance be your outlet! Put together your favorite steps and create your own dance piece. Share this experience with your family by putting on a show - costumes are a must!

    Don’t forget to dance daily! Put on your favorite song and dance it out. Don’t be afraid to let the music move you. Improvising is a great exercise to release your emotions through movement while staying active. 

We miss dancing in the studio with you every day! For the safety of our community, it’s necessary for us to stay home and follow the advice of our medical professionals. Continuing to bring movement into your daily life and choosing to live a healthy lifestyle will keep you motivated and inspired. Wishing you and your family health and strength! See you in (virtual) class!

Classes open for registration!